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  • synthpop
  • electronic
  • futurepop
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  • hard rock
Often described by critics as disposable, '80s synth pop acts such as Erasure and Depeche Mode continued to inspire young musicians to write hummable songs with a plethora of keyboards even into the '90s. Iris formed in 1993 as Forgiving Iris with Reagan Jones (vocals, keyboards) and Matt Morris (keyboards, programming). Jones and Morris met in college; they were taking an electronic music class and discovered they shared the same taste in artists. Read more on

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Wrath (2005)
Awakening (2003)
Disconnect (1999)


Hell's Coming With Me (2006)
Unknown (2002)
Annie, Would I Lie to You (2000)
Danger Is the Shame (2000)
Lose in Wanting (2000)
Saving Time (2000)
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