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Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE (* 25. März 1947 in Pinner (London), Middlesex; geboren als Reginald Kenneth Dwight) ist ein britischer Sänger, Komponist und Pianist. Mit 640 Millionen verkauften Tonträgern (ca. 450 Mio Alben und 200 Mio Singles) zählt er seit den frühen 70er Jahren zu den erfolgreichsten Musikern aller Zeiten. Seine Kompositionen intoniert er, sich selbst auf dem Klavier begleitend, mit Blues-Falsett. Sein Repertoire reicht von Read more on Last.fm

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Tumbleweed Connection (disc 1) (2008)
Tumbleweed Connection (disc 2) (2008)
Greatest Hits (disc 2) (2007)
The Captain & The Kid (2006)
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (disc 1: Original Album) (2005)
Peachtree Road (2004)
The Big Picture (1997)
Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player (1995)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1995)
Honky Ch??teau (1995)
Made in England (1995)
Tumbleweed Connection (1995)
Chartbusters Go Pop!! (1994)
Saturday Sun Sessions (1994)
Duets (1993)
The One (1992)
Sleeping With the Past (1989)
Reg Strikes Back (1988)
Leather Jackets (1986)
Ice on Fire (1985)
Breaking Hearts (1984)
Too Low for Zero (1983)
Jump Up! (1982)
The Fox (1981)
21 at 33 (1980)
Victim of Love (1979)
A Single Man (1978)
Blue Moves (disc 1) (1976)
Blue Moves (disc 2) (1976)
Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975)
Greatest Hits (1975)
Rock of the Westies (1975)
Caribou (1974)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (disc 1) (1973)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (disc 2) (1973)
Madman Across the Water (1971)
Elton John (1970)
Empty Sky (1969)
Ballerman Hits WM Party 2002 [CD 1]
Billy Elliot: The Original Cast Recording
Blue Moves
Christmas Wishes
Christmas Wishes [Musicrama]
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Remastered)
Lady Samantha
More Than A Feeling - CD 3
Songs From the West Coast
Songs From the West Coast (bonus disc)
The Diving Board
The Lockdown Sessions
Wonderful Crazy Night
[non-album tracks]


Recover Your Soul (1998)
Something About the Way You Look Tonight (1997)
Something About the Way You Look Tonight / Candle in the Wind 1997 (1997)
Made in England (1995)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (1994)
Circle of Life (1994)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1994)
Nikita (1985)
Cold as Christmas (in the Middle of the Year) (1983)
Ego (1978)
Island Girl / Sugar on the Floor (1975)
Philadelphia Freedom (1975)
Pinball Wizard (1975)
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds / One Day at a Time (1974)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)
Step Into Christmas (1973)
Are You Ready for Love
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
I Want Love
Love Songs
Runaway Train
The Lion King
The One
The Very Best of Elton John - Part II
You Gotta Love Someone
Your Song