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A New Thought for Christmas (2008)
The Awakening (2007)
Lucky (2004)
Melissa Etheridge (Deluxe Edition) (disc 1) (2003)
Skin (2001)
Breakdown (1999)
Your Little Secret (1995)
Your Little Secret (bonus disc) (1995)
Melissa Etheridge Sings Janis Joplin (1994)
Yes I Am (1993)
Never Enough (1992)
Brave and Crazy (1989)
Melissa Etheridge (1988)
4th Street Feeling
Chicago Nights (disc 1)
Fearless Love
Greatest Hits - The Road I Traveled
I Wish I Was Your Lover
MEmphis Rock And Soul
Passion and Promise
This is M.E.
Unplugged & More
[non-album tracks]


I Need to Wake Up (2006)
Nowhere to Go (1996)
Come to My Window (1994)
Ain't It Heavy (1992)
I Want to Come Over

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